We are less than a month away from the trail against Benjamin Brewer. 

The 39-year-old faces a number of charges including DUI in the 2015 crash that killed six people on Interstate 75 in Ooltewah. 

Sixteen Davidson County residents will hear the case against Benjamin Brewer. 

The 12 jurors and four alternates will be selected next month and then make the 130 mile trip to Chattanooga where they will ultimately decide Brewer's fate.   

Brewer sat in Judge Don Poole's courtroom for the last scheduled hearing before his trial.

The truck driver, from Kentucky, listened as defense attorney's discussed plans to take the jury outside of the courtroom to the crash site on I-75. 

They believe the experience will give the jury a better understanding of how they say the crash unfolded. 

With less than a month before Brewer's trial is slated to begin, we are getting a better idea at how much the proceedings will cost Hamilton County taxpayers. 

Even though it will cost thousands to bring a jury in from Davidson County, court officials say the costs are budgeted for each year. 

It will be up the Hamilton County Circuit  Court Clerk to seat the jury. 

That includes the cost of postage to send out 200 summons to Davidson County residents and $10/day for jurors after they are selected for the duration of the trial. 

As for the cost of transportation, lodging and meals – that comes from the Criminal Court. 

We don't know exactly how much that will total, but the circuit court clerk believes it will cost roughly the same as when a jury from Hamilton County was selected for a high-profile Nashville rape case last year. 

That bill totaled $31,000. 

Jury selection for Brewer will start June 12th in Nashville. 

The trial will start June 19th in Chattanooga.