LOS ANGELES - It was the night Chris Blue never thought would happen. But on Monday, the 'Tennessee Soul Singer' showed why the money should be on him to win The Voice. 

The Knoxville worship leader performed three songs and channeled some of music's biggest icons throughout the two-hour live finale.  


Blue got things going with a duet alongside his coach, Alicia Keys, and their take on Prince's 'Diamonds and Pearls.' It was an impressive and soulful performance, but Blue truly shined when it came time for the debut of his original song, Money on You. 

Before taking the stage, he explained that the lyrics reminded him of the first time he met his fiance, Stephanie. "It's about a guy who sees this girl across the room. It's something special," Blue described.  

"There's not a soul in this world that's not going to dance to this," his coach Alicia Keys said leading up to the debut performance.

The studio audience in Los Angeles seemed to truly get into it, keeping their cheers going strong for nearly 45 seconds after Blue wrapped up. Host Carson Daly joked afterward with Blue that it's "too bad you're not comfortable on stage." 

The 'Money on You' title also led to plenty of tweets from fans saying they're putting their money on Blue after that song. Coach Alicia Keys seemed speechless after the performance, starting off by simply saying 'Wow.'  

"When I watch you perform. I'm already at your show. Like I'm already listening to your music. I'm already there. Everybody in this room, there's an electricity that happens when you come into the room," Keys described.  

"Everybody here was just clapping for you because it's the first time they ever heard this song and they felt you and they knew you and they saw you and you just occupied the stage, like 1000% it was yours," the Grammy award winning singer added.  

"Chris you are ready, man," she concluded. 

But Blue wasn't done yet. He had the coveted spot to close out the show and he did not disappoint. 

"This song will embody everything that I am musically," Blue explained. 

His rendition of Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation" showcased his incredible dance moves, vast vocal abilities, and sweeping range of emotion.

It truly fired up the crowd, had Blue overcome with emotion and left his coach seeming speechless for the second time in under two hours.

"If this isn't a finale, I don't know what is," Keys explained before adding that Blue showed he can be everything. 

"You can be as quiet in your power as you were with 'Diamonds and Pearls,' you can be alone on a stage and deliver a brand new song that nobody heard and everyone will sing along with you, you can come out and do one of the most iconic songs of all time and you can handle it, Chris," Keys said.  

"America needs to know that together we can say we started Chris Blue's career tonight!" she exclaimed.  

Throughout the night, the rest of the Top 4 including Lauren Duski, Jesse Larson, and Aliyah Moulden, got their shots to show why they should win. In the end, it's up to America to vote.  

"A year ago this time, I was sitting on my bed in my bedroom thinking, 'Wow, these guys are amazing. They're talented, there's no way I would ever be on that stage or would ever be top 4.' Are you kidding me? I never thought in a million years I would be right here. But here we are," he told WBIR last week..

During Tuesday night's finale results show, Blue will sing a duet with a to-be-named celebrity singer.

The winner of The Voice is determined by the audience, so here's how you can vote for Chris Blue. Be sure to download all of Chris' performances on iTunes: 'Diamonds and Pearls', 'Money on You,' and 'Rhythm Nation.'