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Canines from across the region sharpen their skills in Chattanooga

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The rain didn't stop canines from around the region from putting their skills to the test. 

The dogs work with area law enforcement and are required to be re-certified every year. 

They are tested on skills like agility, obedience and evidence in search operations through the United States Police Canine Association. 

It may look easy, but judges are looking for the canine's ability to follow the directions of their handler and perform the exercises properly. 

These dogs are also trained to protect their handlers. As you can imagine, it creates a pretty strong bond between the two. 

"You're able to read the dogs behavior. Even though there's no verbal communication between the two of you, you can tell if the dog is actually smelling a person in the building and it lets me know we are close to that suspect," Sgt. Sean O'Brien with Chattanooga Police Department's K-9 Unit said.

Chattanooga Police have a total of seven canines in their unit.

Some of the dogs have the opportunity to compete on the national level.

The re-certification process will continue throughout the week as they focus on different skills each round. 

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