August Bruce is a remarkable musician who also owns a music store in Red Bank. But what is more remarkable about August is that she teaches any newcomer to the world of music – for free.   

She says she would have students taking private lessons, and then a financial change at home would take them away from learning music. August decided to start a free group lesson for those that may not be able to afford their own teacher. The students get to try out fiddle school for free. Fiddles can be rented for $25 a month for those who would like to practice more at home.

Each Sunday at 2 p.m. Fiddlers Anonymous opens their doors. It is for the student who is starting out at the very beginning, but you cannot sit in that room and not see the way music impacts each and every one of those who picked up an instrument.

“You’re truly becoming smarter,” August says. “So many musicians like me, we can’t always speak eloquently. You just can’t figure out how to say it and it comes out better through music.”

“I’m just here to help people tap into the music that’s inside of them.”