UPDATE: Two suspects have been arrested in a slew of robberies in Tennessee and North Georgia area.  

Officials say a citizen called police identifying 22-year old Payton Cleveland as the suspect in the surveillance video of a robbery that occurred at 7490 Lee Highway. Chattanooga Police and HCSO investigators were able to locate and arrest the suspect and a accomplice, 20-year old, Bailey Roddy on Sunday evening.

"He told the clerk he was waiting on a ride and that's why he was hanging out so what's the clerk supposed to do? He didn't appear to be a casing them at that time but he ended up using that space where there were no customers to his advantage," said CPD robbery supervisor, Sgt. Kevin Akins. 

Akins tells Channel 3 a drug addiction was the motive. 

"When people have a drug addiction and they have no place to get money and usually they've worn out their family connections and I'm stealing from the family then they start hitting the gas stations and places like that that are easy targets," said Akins.  

The duo have also been connected to a number of robberies in North Georgia. 

One robbery took place on May 17th at the Citgo gas station on Reeds Bridge Road in Ringgold. An incident reporter obtained by Channel 3 says, Cleveland entered the Citgo trying to purchase cigars. The store clerk asked for his ID, Cleveland then pulled out the gun on the clerk, demanded money, and left with $700 in cash. 

Earlier in the evening a woman driving a white vehicle, matching the description of the vehicle in the arrest, entered the Citgo and asked if the store clerk was the only one working that night. 

Two days later, on May 19th, Cleveland entered a Mega Star on Battlefield Parkway, he attempted to buy a grape soda but told the clerk he had forgotten his wallet, he left, but returned later. When he returned, Cleveland attempted to buy the soda again and while being checked out, he brandished a gun, demanding money. Cleveland was able to get away with $150 in cash. 

The store clerk, who is six months pregnant, tells Channel 3 she feared for her life. The woman did not want to be identified.  

"I basically begged and pleaded don't shoot me of course but he said I'm not going to hurt you just give me everything you got in the register and I did that he said wait five minutes to call the cops I'll be watching and he left. It was really quick. It seemed like in the moment it was lasting forever," she said. "You can't explain really the feeling you get having a gun pointing at you, and your life threatened and not knowing in that moment, is he going to shoot me when you gets what he wants you know. I mean you don't know. All you can do is do what they ask and hope for the best."

On Friday, East Police say Cleveland was a suspect in a robbery at a convenience store on Greenslake Road. 

Police say more charged against Cleveland and Roddy. 

Stay with Channel 3 for updates on this developing story. 

PREVIOUS STORY: Chattanooga Police are looking for a robbery suspect and are asking for your help.

Surveillance video from the Star Plus Food Mart on Lee Highway shows the male suspect go up to the clerk with a pistol and demanded money. 

After getting the money he took off heading north. 

The suspect is described as 5'8" about 170 pounds with dark short hair and wearing an orange tee shirt, green cargo shorts and dark sneakers.

If you know who is this person is call Chattanooga Police.