Second graders at Clifton Hills Elementary School in Chattanooga are enjoying an activity in which they rarely get to participate: art.

Thanks to recording star Usher, and ArtsBuild, the students have learned from visiting arts instructors in a program called "Cue the Artists."  Teachers say the students are discovering talents they never knew they had.  Many of them started out drawing stick figures, and advanced quickly from there. They hope arts programs will continue in elementary schools, because in many cases, "they would rather do art than go to recess."

The Clifton Hills students saw their art displayed in the school cafeteria for the first time Thursday morning, and the school hosted a reception for parents Thursday afternoon.  The art teachers say the students did a great job, especially for children who had never been given the opportunity to do artwork until now.

Principal Dr. Beth Litz credited her teachers with inspiring "excitement and creativity."  The second grade teachers are Donna Perkins, Cathy Smith, Amber Miller, Meghan Herren and Madeleine Flournoy.