A Hamilton County school board member says she is troubled by some of the conditions included in the contract for independent school bus drivers.

Channel 3 obtained a copy of an email to assistant superintendent Lee McDade that was sent on Tuesday by District 1 School Board member Rhonda Thurman.

In the email, Thurman raises a number of concerns by independent bus drivers over the contract, including lower pay and drivers being charged "more fines than they make in salary."

Thurman's email says independent drivers can be fined $150 a day if they're running late to their stops or if their buses are overcrowded. The email says the drivers can also be fined $20 a day if their GPS is not working.

Thurman also cites the drop in pay for the drivers, saying one driver's pay dropped from $1.45 per mile in 2011 to $1.22 this year.

Thurman says she blames herself for not catching "these things." She says her "biggest fault was trusting the administration to do what the board asked and that was to give the drivers a raise and compensate the drivers who did not have insurance."

Here's a copy of Thurman's email: