The case of a Rhea County man accused of killing a gas station clerk in Nashville has been sent to the grand jury. 

WSMV reporter, Kim St. Onge was in the courtroom on Thursday for 28-year old, Daniel Clark's hearing.  St. Onge says gas station clerk, John Stevens was shot 10 times, according to investigators. A detective testified two of those gunshots were to the head and two more were to the heart.

Clark told a Metro Nashville police detective that he squirrel hunts and carries a gun at all times. The detective said during the interview Clark admitted to shooting Stevens multiple times. Clark said he didn't want him to suffer, which is why he shot him that many times. 

Another new detail revealed in court was that a second employee was inside the gas station at the time of the murder. A store manager was in the restroom. He reportedly heard gunshots and called 911.