Merrilee Jacobs, Co-Producer "Eating You Alive" says "The goal of thee documentary is to start a conversation and to introduce people to the idea that this isn't as hard as you think it is."

Merrilee Jacobs and Paul David Kennamer Jr. are the Chattanooga based filmmakers of the documentary "Eating You Alive"

This documentary was inspired by Chattanooga's recent ranking and distinction as America's 6th fattest city.

Merrilee Jacobs says "Having this kind of headlines hit our city specifically we already feel compelled to share the information because we see people sick and dying all around us."

Jacobs and Kennamer not only worked with local doctors from all three local hospitals, but traveled across the country to get input from the medical community on how to help make sure patients are more educated when it comes to their health and how a whole food plant based diet could make a difference.

I sat down with Greg and Pam Klapp. Greg was one of the patients featured in the documentary. Back in 2009 Greg suffered a stroke, a brain hemorrhage, and was diagnosed with untreated diabetes. The outlook seemed bleak.

Pam Klapp, Greg's Wife says "The doctor says he should never survive after the first day, past 3 days."

Greg Klapp says "When we changed the way of life of eating it was like a turn around completely."

Those changes included turning to a whole food plant based diet.

Pam Klapp says "No egg, no butter, not meat, you eat your whole grains, beans, your vegetables, fruit, you learn how to cook, you make your own cheese and butter, it's amazing you make meals, its a different way of cooking."

The filmmakers know not everyone is ready to take such a big step when it comes to their diet.

Merrilee Jacobs says "If you make moderate changes, you're going to get moderate results, if you make optimal changes, you will see optimal results."

But some changes are better than none.Jacobs and Kennamer want more people to know about the power of nutrition when it comes to your health and that is why they enlisted the help of the medical community to help spread the word to patients as they prepare for this documentary to hit the big screen later this summer.

"Eating You Alive" is scheduled to hit the big screen in August.