It isn't uncommon for middle school students to be glued to the screen of their choice.  But lately, Lakeview Middle students are turning away from music videos and games, in favor of "Chick TV."

They're watching a live YouTube feed from their 7th grade science classrooms.  Teachers Ty Cook and and Chasidy Daugherty have been incubating chicken and duck eggs for the past few weeks, and their due date is, any minute.

You can watch the live YouTube feeds here:  

It's part of a science program that encourages Lakeview Middle students to take lessons learned from textbooks and online, and get their hands dirty, literally, in the school's outdoor classroom.  Community donations from parents, and businesses like Lowe's and the Barn Nursery made it all possible.  The school has eleven raised bed gardens, a chicken coop, and seating for outdoor learning. The school is called "The Giving Garden" because all of the produce and vegetables are given back to families in need at the school.

Ringgold Telephone Company and Mozilla donated $10,000 to our school to purchase new technology for and it is tied into the hatch camera and virtual reality goggles. 

As summer vacation approaches, the excitement is building, with the hatch-cams keeping kids up all night.  They don't want to take a chance of missing out on chicks and ducklings pecking through the shells.