By Eun Kyung Kim, TODAY

(NBC News) - Some high school students will take great pains to get some extra credit.

A group of Ohio teens recently volunteered to get pepper sprayed as part of their criminal technology course. A video of the exercise shows the Barberton High School students lined up against a wall as their instructor steps before each one.

“Stop resisting, please comply,” he says before spraying a burst of pepper spray into the student's face and then moving down the line. A uniformed police officer stands in the background.

The students begin screaming in agony and jumping up and down as soon as the pepper spray takes effect.

Students signed up for the experiment to receive extra credit and were required to submit a waiver signed by a parent.

“Each student will have the option to be swabbed or receive a quick ‘burst’ to the facial area with this chemical agent,” according to the instructor's waiver form, which describes the spray will cause “irritation and a burning sensation to eyes and nasal area” for up to an hour.

“This is a controlled and safe experience for the students and is completely voluntary,” the note concludes.

TODAY did not receive immediate comment after reaching out to the Barberton school superintendent and the police department.