One in four children in Hamilton County don't have access to affordable, nutritious food and during the summer, finding food for some families can be even more challenging.

The Chattanooga Area Food Bank sees a spike in donations during the holidays but that doesn't support them year round.

Letter carriers are doing more than just delivering your mail this week, they’re also picking up donations for their annual ‘Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive,’ to help feed families during the summer.

Gina Crumbliss, President/CEO of the Chattanooga Area Food Bank said this year donations are extremely low.

"So what that means is that the food bank is going to have to purchase that food it's going to cost us about $70,000,” she said.

Last year, the community donated 152,000 pounds of food compared to the 50,000 pounds donated this year.

The Chattanooga Area Food Bank said it's an urgent time of year. Now that it's summer, students who rely on meals at school will have to find another option.

“We also see parents who have to pay for childcare and that becomes a lot more pressure to their food budget and might need to seek assistance,” Lori Bell, with the food bank said.

Crumbliss said with their current inventory, they would only be able to feed the area for three weeks. It’s why they are turning to the community to support their neighbors.

"Nobody deserves to go hungry and every bit of these food drives matter to our food box program. So every can makes a difference, people think if they can't make an impact but one can does make an impact,” Bell added.

Letter carriers have extended the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive, they’ll pick up bags of food at your mailbox for the rest of the week.

The food bank is asking for shelf-stable food such as peanut butter, dry rice, beans and canned meats.

If your letter carrier does not pick up your donation, you can always make a donation at the food bank.