UPDATE: A man is behind bars charged with holding a pregnant woman and her baby captive for four days.

The victim told police she was strangled, beaten and raped multiple times at an apartment complex on N. Germantown Road.

She said Dayton Kalvin Ogletree, 27, was armed with a mallet and threatened to kill her 1-year-old son if she called for help. 

At one point, she reported the abuse got so bad, she blacked out and believed the only way to save her life was by jumping out of a window to get away. 

Records show the victim knew her attacker but to protect her identity, Channel 3 isn't revealing their relationship. 

More than 600 Tennesseans reported being raped by someone they knew last year. 

According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, arrests were made in only 40-percent of those cases. 

When a victim is ready, it's the job of advocates like those at Partnership for Families, Children and Adults, to help victims stand up to their abusers and walk them through the process. 

"I can be a challenge for people to make the decision to be that vulnerable," April Wilson said.

Wilson coordinates response teams for victims of sexual and domestic assaults for PFCA.

Her team helps victims understand what options are available and how to maneuver through the process.

The advocate can do a good job of preparing them for the unknown because court can be a very scary process. So i think it's helpful when you're able to have someone at every piece of that process and explain what's happening but also explain options," she said.

And sometimes, Wilson said, that extra support is what a victim needs to move forward.

Channel 3 spoke with Park Village Apartments, they said they were not aware of the incident but said they do take the safety of their residents seriously.

If you or someone you know needs help, there are resources available.

PFCA's 24/7 hotline is 423-755-2700 or click HERE for more information. 

Help is also available through Chattanooga's Family Justice Center by calling 423-643-7600 or by clicking HERE

ORIGINAL STORY: A man is charged with rape and kidnapping after holding a woman and one-year-old child against their will for days inside a Chattanooga home.

According to the arrest report, 27-year-old Dayton Kalvin Ogletree showed up at the victim's house on Thursday and refused to let her or the child leave.

The report says the victim told police that Ogletree strangled, beaten and raped her multiple times while he was high on meth.

The victim told police that Ogletree threatened the life of the child if the victim called police.

The report says the victim was able to escape on Monday by jumping out of a window and calling for help.

The victim told police that her child was still inside the home with Ogletree, who was reportedly armed with a mallet. The victim also advised that Ogletree had a history of domestic violence and was already on probation with a GPS ankle monitor.

Chattanooga police and ultimately the SWAT team responded to the home.

Ogletree was taken into custody. The report says he waived his rights and agreed to be interview by police.

Ogletree told police, he only smokes weed and that the victim beat him up and held him against his will.

The victim was taken to a hospital for treatment. The child was left in the custody of a relative by Child Protective Services.

Ogletree is charged with Aggravated Domestic Assault, Rape, Reckless Endangerment and two counts of Kidnapping.

Court records show Ogletree was charged with Aggravated Domestic Assault in September of 2015, which was dismissed in November of the same year.

Ogletree is now being held in the Hamilton County jail and is scheduled for court on May 22.

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