The driver of one of the three school buses involved in Thursday's crash has been cited by north Georgia police. 

Trenton police tell Channel 3 the driver of bus number 04-1, the last bus in the crash, was cited Thursday for following too closely.  

Seven students and two drivers needed treatment after Thursday's crash on Highway 11 in Trenton.

The routine resumed Friday morning at Dade County High School while buses 04-1, 11-1, and 07-1 sat in the transportation yard nearby waiting for state investigators to arrive. 

Superintendent Dr. Jan Harris said seven students and two drivers were treated Thursday after a chain reaction at an intersection damaged three buses.

"The first bus stopped and the second bus stopped and the third bus ran into the second one," Harris said, "Which made the second bus run into the first bus."

Students reported feeling sore and stiff after the crash. One student was treated by a dentist for a broken tooth.

A driver was treated for a possible broken rib.

Despite the injuries, Harris is thankful the crash wasn't worse.

"Buses can be replaced. Windshields can be repaired, but our students are just our precious angels," she added.

It's unclear how much it will cost to fix the buses. 

It appears the last bus, number 04-1, received the worst damage with a shattered windshield and damaged lights.

Georgia law required school buses to be inspected every 20 days. 

Channel 3 checked and found records show the buses were inspected last month and deemed safe for the road.

It's not clear if the crash was due to bus or diver error. That will be decided by state investigators.

After the state wraps up it's investigation, it will be up to Dr. Harris to decide if disciplinary action will be taken against any of the drivers involved. 

For now, the school system is using spare buses and drivers to cover those routes.

We are not finished investigating this story. 

Channel 3 requested the driving and complaint records for each of the drivers and the buses they operate. 

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