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What the Tech? Google activity

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If you're the conspiracy theory type who's concerned about what is out there on the web about you, this website is a must-see. It knows and collects information on every website you visit, everything you search, every video you watch and even knows when you leave the house and where you're going.

It's the world's 2nd largest tech company Alphabet, the parent company of Google. You can search your own information by going to www.myaccount.google.com. Even if you suspect there's a lot of information on you that's recorded somewhere, you may be surprised.

My activity dated all the way back to 2009. At least that's what it showed.

I wonder how much Google could figure out about me (if it wanted to) just by the websites I visited. For instance in 2011 I watched a YouTube video on how to tile a basement floor. I also had searched for tiling products. It would be easy to determine that I did tile my basement. 2 years ago it showed that I had searched for symptoms and remedies for broken or bruised ribs. If someone were to see this they could certainly ascertain that I had suffered that injury which I did now that I think about it.

What surprised me the most is how much Google knew about me driving and where I went. This apparently was recorded from my Android phone but it showed, correctly that I had traveled to Florida and Las Vegas and everywhere around town, down to the destination.

What does Google do with this information? Why does it care or is even interested in boring 'ol me?

According to the website, Google stores the information and uses artificial intelligence to make searches faster. It also sells some information (Google insists nothing with my name, email, address or phone number) to companies that advertise through Google. It makes driving directions and GPS searches faster and more accurate. It also allows advertisers to target their ads to customers most interested in their products. This is why you'll see ads for products you just searched for or read articles about the subject.

You can opt out of activity tracking and delete the entire web history from the site.

You should visit the site to see everything Google knows and make adjustments as you see fit.

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