Moms are hard buy for, so Mother's Day has always taken a lot of thinking on my part. Sure you can always go for the traditional flowers or perfume or candy or day at the spa but I've done all of that for my sweet mom. I think I may have seen one of those spa gift cards in a drawer the last time I paid her a visit. 

Mom's are pretty tech savvy now which means you have many more options for gifts she probably doesn't even know she wants. 

Here are a few choices for gifts mom will actually use:

The Mighty Purse is the answer to a common problem of keeping a phone charged when you're nowhere near a wall outlet. 

"It has a built in charger, so it can charge your phone 2 times fully before you need to charge the purse," said Mighty Purse inventor/developer Ana Slavka. 

The charger is hidden in a pocket so it doesn't get in the way when you're reaching in for keys or anything else. 

"They're all real leather, genuine leather textures, different colors. Some have studs on them which are very popular," Slavka said. 

Purses come with a USB connection and/or lightning cable for an iPhone/iPad. In 30 colors and styles, a leather Mighty Purse is $100. 

New moms may want to share a mother's day present with the baby. The Snoo baby bed is the techiest bassinet you'll ever see. 

The bed, designed by renowned baby doctor Harvey Karp rocks the baby to sleep with recorded sounds similar to what they heard in the womb. 

"The special sleep sack swaddle is secured to the bed so the baby can't accidentally roll over into a dangerous position," said Karp. 

When they begins to cry the bed makes more motion, like a grandma might do to comfort the baby, that will continue until the child needs their mom. 

"If the baby doesn't stop crying after 3 minutes, the bed just stops and mom and dad get a notification that, hey, the baby needs to be fed," Karp said. 

The Snoo baby bed is $1,200.

Any mom needs her sleep and the zeeq smart pillow streams music to help her doze off, has a built-in alarm and will monitor how she slept and saves that information in an app on her phone. The Zeeq smart pillow is $300. 

If mom uses an iPad, how about a new case or cover? My favorite is the Inateck iPad sleeve. It's soft and classy looking and protects the tablet and doesn't let it fall out with a closure tab that tucks away when it isn't needed. It also folds up to make a nice little stand for reading. 

It's one of the most highly rated iPad sleeves at Amazon and is just 11 dollars. Inateck also makes a similar sleeve for Macbooks, Kindles and Surface tablets. 

Also for the iPad is a bluetooth keyboard, the Brydge. It looks good, matching any iPad color and is very responsive. It pairs easily, has its own speaker and shortcut buttons and will access Siri with one key. The Brydge keyboard is $150. 

My choice for the best mother's day gift of the Amazon Tap. It's second member of the Echo family. Unlike the original Echo and the Echo Dot, the Tap is wireless and can be taken anywhere with a 14 hour battery life. It responds to questions, gives step by step recipes in the kitchen and streams music from Amazon and read books from Audible. The Amazon Tap has a 360-degree speaker that fills most rooms with sound. Amazon continues to add what it calls 'Skills'. Echo devices can control smart home gadgets such as lights, door locks and thermostats. 

Amazon recently added a hands-free feature to the Tap, so you don't have to press the button. The Amazon Tap is $130.