Hamilton County School District leaders face an uphill battle getting extra funds they say are crucial to student learning. 

They presented their nearly $400 million budget Tuesday to county commissioners during a work session. 

It includes a nearly $10 million request of Fund Balance dollars to be used to fix maintenance problems at 13 schools throughout the county. 

It requests $24 million of additional funds for a high priority needs list and a 5-percent raise for teachers. 

For years county commissioners and school board members have struggled coming to agreements with funds and that showed a little Tuesday when District 8 Commissioner Tim Boyd questioned the need for a  faculty-wide raise.

"They're not teachers. You say teachers. I want it to say employee. Take the word teacher out of it," he said during the work session.

"When you look at the comparison to the other districts, we have a continuous base-rate for about the first three years, whereas the other districts that surround us they increase yearly. And that's difficult to compete with. We've heard that from Human Resources, we've heard that various principals who recruit that the pay does become an issue," District 5 Board of Education Member Karitsa Jones said. 

The proposed budget also allocates proposed funds to telecommunications and technology upgrades. 

Tuesday's meeting was a work session. 

The HCDE budget will officially be presented to the Hamilton County Commission for review on May 31st. 

The complete county budget will be voted on by commissioners in mid-June.

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