UPDATE: A Catoosa County inmate, who was wanted for walking away from work detail in early May of this year, has been arrested in Chattanooga for stealing a trailer in 2016.

According the arrest report, investigators were able to determine that the suspect who stole a trailer from a home on Barbara Circle in Chattanooga was 49-year-old Bryan Gary Duke.

Duke was captured on surveillance video that was posted to Facebook by the victim after the incident happened on February 22, 2016.

On May 9 of this year, the Catoosa County Sheriff's Office said Duke walked away from work detail after serving two months of a five-year sentence.

We do not know when Duke will be extradited to Catoosa County.

He's scheduled for court in Hamilton County on June 20.

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PREVIOUS UPDATE: Catoosa County sheriff’s deputies are looking for an inmate who walked away from work detail.

The sheriff said Bryan Gary Duke escaped from the Catoosa County Commissioner's Office on Monday.

Duke was finishing up a painting project at the commissioner's office. That's when the sheriff said he made a phone call and was gone moments later.

"We've not known him to be a violent person, but then again, we didn't expect him to escape either," Jim Walker, Catoosa County Manager said.

For nearly two months, Walker and his staff have gotten to know inmate Bryan Duke.

He was assigned for work detail at the commissioner's office because of his artistic talents.

Duke was putting the finishing touches on the Georgia constitution in the county commission meeting room.

"We tried to look past his some of his transgressions and look at him in a new light as we want god to do for all of us," Walker said.

Catoosa County Sheriff Gary Sisk said Duke had been convicted and sentenced to five years in prison.

He was found guilty of several charges including theft.

Both the sheriff and walker agreed painting might be a good way to help rehabilitate him before he was transferred to prison.

"He was a pretty talented individual that just can't put those good talents to a good use," Sheriff Gary Sisk of the Catoosa County Sheriff's Office said.

Duke surprised county employees when they say he betrayed their trust.

An employee found his orange jumpsuit shoved in a bag and put in a corner. Investigators say he went out a side door and was picked up by someone.

"He's let us down and I think in the end, he'll have let himself down," Walker said.

Walker said someone was occasionally checking on Duke, but no one was in the room when he escaped.

The sheriff said some changes might need to be made.

"We may have to go into some either training if we're going to allow someone to go somewhere a trustee hasn't gone so they understand, you got to be checking on them," Sheriff Sisk said.

Sheriff Sisk believes the inmate might have planned this in advance.

"I would say at least to some degree. He had to be thinking at some point and time. When it came into his mind as to this what he was going to do or what, who knows," Sheriff Sisk said.

Deputies have an idea of who he spoke with before he escaped and are following up on leads. They think he's left the area and is hiding out in a nearby county.

The sheriff said once Duke is caught, an escape charge will be added, which comes with another five years in prison.

The person who picked him up will also face charges.

The Catoosa County Sheriff's Office is searching for an inmate after he walked off from his work detail. 

49-year old, Bryan Gary Duke walked away from his work detail at the Catoosa County Commissioner's Office out of a side entrance on Monday afternoon. Officials believe that Duke was picked up in a vehicle by an unknown person. Employees with the Commissioner's Office found his orange inmate uniform near an exit door.     

Bryan G. Duke is describes as: 

  • 49 year old white man
  • Blonde hair
  • Green eyes
  • 5'9'' and 175 pounds
  • Raven tattoo on left arm

His last known address was the Cloud Springs Lodge at 584 Pine Grove Access Road, Ringgold, GA.

Duke was convicted and sentenced to 5 years for the offenses of theft by receiving, giving false information, and obstruction of a police officer.

Anyone with information about Bryan Gary Duke is asked to contact the Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office at (706)935-2424 or (706)935-2323.