East Ridge police have arrested a suspect in the May 3 robbery at Tennessee Title Loans.

Police say that Antwone Boykin tackled the victim as she exited the front door of Tennessee Title Loans. She received minor cuts and abrasions during the assault and subsequent struggle for possession of her purse cash checkbook and credit cards.

Afterward, the suspect was seen running to a vehicle and fleeing.

Police were able to use surveillance video, which gave investigators a detailed suspect and vehicle descriptions. Still photographs were shared on the East Ridge Police Departments Facebook page.

A phone call to police helped ID the suspect as Antwone Boykin, despite him having pink and purple-dyed dreadlocks at the time.

A photo lineup allowed three witnesses to confirm the suspect as Boykin.

An arrest warrant was obtained for Boykin, whom they found at a home on Henderson Drive in Chattanooga. They recovered the vehicle driven by Boykin and clothing worn during the commission of the offense. 

Boykin was later transported to the Hamilton County Jail on an $8,500 Bond and is set to appear in East Ridge Municipal Court on May 16, 2017 at 5:00pm.