Sunset Memorial Gardens in Cleveland is the target of complaints again with grass as tall as your knee and reports of a foul smell in the mausoleum again. 

Channel 3 first reported about problems there four years ago, when the state shut down the cemetery after several complaints detailing bodily fluids leaking out of crypts.

The state reached an agreement with the owners last year,  but residents tell Channel 3 that agreement has been broken. 

Acting on a tip, we showed up to find 2 feet of grass and weeds covering headstones. Crews spent Monday cutting the grass, but people we talked to say that's not the only issue. They say the cemetery is once again being neglected. 

"Awful, the smell was awful and when I walked in I noticed my uncle's whole marble slate was gone," said Hodgin's niece Dedra. 

Eddie Hodgin's family members are devastated by what they found at Sunset Memorial Gardens over the weekend.

They found Hodgin's final resting place flooded and his grave covered with plywood.

Dedra says the office staff offered this response.

"She told me she didn't realize there was a body in there and so it's just really upsetting," said Dedra. 

Dedra still doesn't know what happened to her uncle's name plate or flowers. She says the employees in the office agreed to order another marker and pay for it, but that's not enough.

"It makes me wonder if he is really still there, that was my uncle," said Dedra. " It makes me want to have my mother moved." 

Dedra isn't the only one reporting issues about everything from tall grass to odors.

Jamie Randolph has used Facebook to document conditions last week. 

It's been a year since the state and the owner of the cemetery reached an agreement in court to have an advisory board oversee the cemetery's conditions. We're told that board could dissolve after a year in it's sole discretion, and it's not clear if it is still active or not.

Cemetery staff would not comment on the current conditions, but the state tells us their investigators are looking into Hodgin's complaint and one other filed last week. It seems there are more complaints to be heard.

Channel 3 found another woman who filed a police report after her family attempted to take matters into their own hands and clean up her daughter's grave on their own. 

"It breaks my heart for my daughter to be in there," said the complainant, who wished to stay anonymous. "Every time I go it's like leaving her all over again." 

The cemetery must provide a written response to all complaints and is supposed to be inspected for five years. Those inspections are random, but a spokesperson could not tell us when the last inspection was. Channel 3 reached out to board members to find out when these families can expect repairs and our calls have not yet been returned. 

"Please help us," said Dedra. "If that was your family what would you do?"