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Riverbend Festival 2017: Get to know Destiny Rydas

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Destiny Rydas will be performing at the Riverbend Festival 2017 on Thursday, June 15.

Accomplished musician and model from Australia, hitting the US scene, Currently in Las Vegas, Destiny Rydas relentless dedication to music complemented with her unique look and sound make her a very marketable resource.

Having pushed through a hard life and using music as a guide to persevere, channeling her struggles into lyrics. With a smashing hit single Frenemy with over 1.1 Million Hits on Soundcloud, that has been soundtracked in a motion pic movie “Marauders” starring Bruce Willis.

Destiny Rydas will perform at the Chevy Stage at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 15.

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