In a time-honored Cleveland City Schools tradition, Cleveland High seniors don their caps and gowns to visit the elementary schools they attended. Arnold Memorial Elementary principal Mike Chai said his students greet the seniors as if they were rock stars.

The seniors, gearing up for final exams before their May 19 graduation, enjoy seeing their former teachers, and sharing tips with the K-5 students.  "Wow, this school used to seem so big," was a common refrain as the seniors entered the school, many of them riding the bus for the first time in years.

Cleveland High seniors posed for pictures as they high-fived their younger counterparts, passing out pencils along the way.  Arnold fifth-graders Caleb Cornett and Madison Martin said they admired the seniors, because "they have been where we are."  The younger students said they are looking forward to when they can wear the Cleveland High graduation gown as they visit Arnold.  It's only seven years from now.