Dayton Police have revealed new details surrounding the relationship between Trinity Quinn, 15, and Daniel Clark, 28.

Those close to Quinn and Clark say they’ve known each other for years. Their families are close friends.

But a police report shows perhaps they were closer than even their families realized.

The report says the two “exchanged text messages on a regular basis and were very close."

“There's things that indicate maybe something more than a friendship, I’ll say that,” said Dayton Police Chief Chris Sneed.

It goes on to say Quinn told a friend she would be leaving soon with a guy she knew and she would contact her by payphone.

But that call never came.

Police say Quinn and Clark left town together on Monday and were arrested Wednesday in Nashville by Metro Police.  They were charged in the brutal murder of a convenience store clerk

It’s not the ending anyone saw coming.

“We never felt like she was in danger. We felt like she had left on her own. We never felt like she'd been forced or taken against her will,” said Chief Sneed.

An Amber Alert wasn’t issued for the teen until after the murder.

Police still have not recovered their cell phones. Investigators say they were turned off during the search so authorities couldn’t pinpoint their location.

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He was charged with a couple of alcohol related misdemeanors in 2008.Channel 3 checked and Clark has no serious criminal history.

Clark has no known registered weapons.

Investigators tell Channel 3 they believe he may have stolen the weapon he took to Nashville from a family member.