If you have a kid graduating from high school this month, I know what you're thinking; "seems like yesterday they were starting kindergarten." Trust me, my youngest graduates this year and I'll be as misty-eyed as all the other parents recording video with their smartphone.

Time does fly. Think about this: when this year's graduating class started kindergarten there were no iPhones! Now, they won't put them or any other smartphone down for a minute.

If you don't want to be like all the other parents, family and friends giving the same gift cards, Dr. Seuss book or luggage. These are my top 10 best gadget gifts for the class of 2017:

The iclever bluetooth keyboard is a thin portable keyboard designed to work with smartphones. Folded up it's no bigger than an iPhone 7 plus or larger Android devices. It comes with a carrying case and is built with aircraft-grade aluminum backing and metal hinges so it can be tossed into a backpack.

The latest Tri-folding keyboard with a touchpad is $57 at Amazon.

Everyone could use extra space and a portable hard drive will be a welcomed and thoughtful gift. They keep getting smaller and prices keep coming down. a 1tb hard drive is around 70 dollars.

If they don't have one...I can almost guarantee they'd like a GoPro action camera. They're rugged, take great photos and video and small enough to take anywhere. The newest GoPro 5 is waterproof even without a case. It is 500 dollars, so this may be for a close relative. Older GoPros can be found for around $200.

If they're off to college, a Roku or Firestick makes a good gift. An Amazon Fire Stick player fits in the back of a tv and will tune in Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO and many other channels. If they've got mom and dad's Netflix password they can watch for free. The Amazon Fire Stick is even Alexa enabled. it's 40 dollars, so are most Roku devices.

if you really want to impress them, you can get them a pair of Snapchat spectacles. These sunglasses take and upload pictures to their favorite social network. hard to get your hands on them for $130.

Look, I like Dr. Seuss as much as the next guy...but if you're looking for a gift a grad will really use, check out tech, to keep them plugged in as they go on to their next challenge.