The results are in from a downtown Chattanooga survey from the River City Company.

The purpose of the survey is to show what the wants and needs are by the community and stakeholders.

More than 1,000 people responded to the survey which covered a wide range of topics from things people want downtown to their concerns.

The study was conducted by the river city company early this year. It showed that most people think the central city is clean and safe, but panhandling and parking remain public concerns. 84% of those who answered the survey indicated they had been approached by panhandlers, though most didn't describe it as aggressive. When asked what retailer they would like to see downtown nearly half of the responses addressed that downtown is a food desert - 37% said trader joes, and another 10% said a grocery store.

The survey revealed the Chattanooga population is in place to support a bid Trader Joe's. 

The top four areas Chattanoogans want to improve are retail, housing, public space improvements and vacant buildings. 

The River City Company says over the next couple of years, the number of people living downtown is projected to double with the addition of nearly 4,000 apartments, condos and townhomes.