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Dayton community reacts to arrests following Amber Alert

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News of the arrest of Daniel Clark, 28, and Trinity Quinn, 15, spread quickly throughout the small, close-knit community of Dayton.


Many people living there said they were surprised by the arrests and serious homicide charges against the duo for their alleged involvement in the killing of a gas station clerk in Nashville.

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“That’s all we’ve talked about most of the day and where they could be. Now, of course, we found out what happened and we’re mad. You just don’t expect that kind of thing here,” said neighbor Darren Valentine.


Valentine lives a few houses down the street from Clark’s family.


He said he doesn’t know Clark but had a conversation with him just a few days ago and nothing about it seemed odd.

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“Nothing that I noticed. He seemed fairly normal, pretty outgoing. There was nothing that I saw that would’ve made me worry about that,” said Valentine.


Channel 3 did a background check on Clark and it revealed he had no criminal past and no registered weapons but a check of Rhea County records show he was arrested for two misdemeanor offenses nearly 10 years ago.


In 2008, Clark was charged with public intoxication and violation of alcohol law.


Clark’s public Facebook page revealed some disturbing messages he posted in the days leading up to him leaving Dayton with the 15-year-old girl.

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One of the messages he posted said, “Think I’ll go hang myself now” and another read “Sometimes I just want to light a match and watch the world burn.”


Clark said he previously worked at a local automotive company until October of 2016 and he listed his relationship status as “single.”


Channel 3 spoke to a former co-worker who said he talked to Clark three days ago and there was no indication anything was wrong and no mention of Trinity Quinn.


Channel 3 was able to reach Clark’s father, Aaron Clark, by phone shortly after Metro Police announced charges had been filed in the case. He said, “We love our son. We want to know exactly what happened before we comment.”

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