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SculpSure body contouring

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 Sculpsure is the latest technology when it comes to getting rid of those stubborn areas of fat.

Dr. Shevonda Sherrow, Innovative Women's Health Specialists says "It's not a weight loss machine, its a body contouring machine and it uses light, lasers and it permanently destroys the fat cells."

Aquatta Martin says she had tried just about everything.

Aquatta Martin, patient, says, "I was noticing even when I was working out I wasn't seeing the progress I wanted."

Dr. Shevonda Sherrow says, "This is designed for people who have areas of stubborn fat that don't want to undergo the risks and downtime of invasive surgery like liposuction"

You can take a look at Aquatta's before and after pictures to see the difference.

Dr. Sherrow says this procedure only takes about 25 minutes and there is no down time. She says patients should start seeing results in about six weeks.

Aquatta Martin says, "I noticed I was dramatically able to button my pants and my waist size dramatically shrunk."

Dr. Sherrrow says the treated fat cells are permanently eliminated and patients usually have two procedures at least 4-6 weeks a part and see full results within 12 weeks.

Aquatta says this procedure may have been just what she needed to reach her goal, but she has to make some changes to keep her new look.

Aquatta Martin says, "It's important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to workout and drink plenty of water."

That advice hasn't changed.

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