It’s been nearly a week since the Westside Shop was padlocked and cited as a nuisance.

Tuesday morning District Attorney, Neal Pinkston called two witnesses who routinely patrol the area. They presented two surveillance videos that showed a brawl and a drug transaction.

Fights, drugs, and other criminal activity Pinkston said made the store a trouble spot in the community.

Pinkston called Chattanooga Police Officer ,Kyle Moses to the stand, he said it's a location he's dispatched to quiet often.

"There was hand to hand transactions, which resulted and drug arrests, either of the seller or the buyer. I’ve observed gambling on the premises and various criminal activity; I’ve even observed shootings happen,” Moses said.

An investigation showed Chattanooga police responded to the address more than 200 times over two years.

CPD’s Organized Crime Division constantly monitors criminal activity in the area and on social media.

"We were made aware from a citizen informant, that there was some online video that was pretty severe that depicted a large fight," Curtis Penney, with CPD said.

Westside Shop owners did not appear in court, but hired attorney Douglas Cox, who argued that the videos played in court show violence in the area -- not at the store.

"Were the people in this fight employees of Westside shop were they?” Cox questioned. “No," Penney replied.

Pinkston acknowledged that the area is considered a food desert. Some people echoed that and said it's unfair to those who live in the neighborhood and weren't a part of the problem.

Another hearing has been set for May 10th Judge Tom Greenholtz said until then the store will remain closed.