Plans are in the works for a new Humane Educational Society facility in Chattanooga.   

Broken air conditioning, a leaky roof and sewage in the basement, are all problems that have plagued the building that houses HES for years. 

Officials with the non-profit have done their best to make-do with the 70 year old building but HES Executive Director Bob Citrullo told Channel 3 a new facility is much needed. 

"We're at a point where we can no longer sustain ourselves running with this deficit," Citrullo said, "The money has to be allocated to the animals, that's what we do. That's our mission, to take care of the animals."

A fix could be on the way. 

If a seven acre piece of land off Harrison Pike is approved to be rezoned, it would allow HES to build a new 35,000 square foot facility. 

Plans for the one story building are still in the early stages. It's unclear how much it would cost or when it would be finished but Citrullo said progress has to start somewhere. 

The land first has to be approved to be rezoned. That decision is slated to happen on Monday. 

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