A Chattanooga couple says the street they live on is falling apart.

They say they’ve complained to the city but nothing has been done.

Moonstone Road in Hill City is a steep slope and people living there are dealing with cracked pavement, potholes and exposed pipes.

They say the road has gotten so bad they can barely get to their homes.

Karla Thompson is one of the newest neighbors on the street.

“It’s just not a road,” she said.

Instead, Thompson describes her street as “just one big pothole right now.”

When it rains, she says the situation is worse.

“It’s just like a river when it starts to rain,” she told Channel 3.

Thompson says the most frustrating part is that her family can’t utilize basic services the way most people do because trucks can’t make it up and down their street.

"We’re literally paying for trash service and we have to walk our trash down to the edge of the street so the trash company can pick it up.  The mail carrier has to walk our mail up to our homes.  When you live in a city you'd like the accommodations from paying your taxes and being in a city,” Thompson told Channel 3.

Thompson says her family and some of their neighbors have tried contacting city officials about the problem. “We’ve contacted them five or six times,” she said.  They say no one has responded to them.

Thompson says they’d like to see something done to make the road safer for everyone who lives there. 

Channel 3 spoke to District 1 Councilman Chip Henderson who said he wasn’t aware of the situation on Moonstone Road. Henderson said he would take a look at it himself and alert the local administrator of transportation too. He says there’s a priority list for fixing roads and repairs are usually made based on how many people live on a street. He says he plans to continue pushing for more paving dollars in the budget.

Channel 3 also reached out to Marissa Bell, Communications Coordinator for Economic & Community Development for the City of Chattanooga, who provided information via email on how citizens can report road issues as well as some information about paving.

"For overall paving under the current transportation budget, there is more than $3.5 million dedicated to maintaining City of Chattanooga roads. Since Mayor Berke took office (FY2013), there has been an 80 percent increase in the paving budget, and the paving budget is at an all time high to ensure our roads are well maintained.

For issues such as potholes, citizens can report locations to 311, which routes a crew to fill the pothole. Public Works the receives service requests via 311 and encourages everyone to report any potholes, big or small, to 311. There is even one Public Works crew dedicated solely to pothole repair daily. Because of the heavier load after the winter and thawing, a second crew is added in the Spring to help tackle the workload. Workers fill about 780 potholes per month."

Bell also said 311 has not received a request for service for Moonstone Road.

Pothole Reporting:
Interstates and Tennessee State Routes - (423) 892-3430
City of Chattanooga - 311 or 311@chattanooga.gov or CHATT311 App