A swath of rain and heavy wind brought down trees and power lines. Crews like Blewett Tree Service spent the day answering calls to clean up the mess.

The good news is most of the area is out of the drought, the not so good news is - that could be why trees are more likely to fall.

"The ground is saturating, all those little voids and things are filling with water now and loosening the soil and so they're just coming over in stiff winds,” said Dustin Blewett, CEO/Founder of Blewett Tree Services.

Some people living on Signal Mountain learned that first hand, three trees crashed into homes and several others blocked roads forcing drivers to turn around.

Experts said the drought last year made some trees "water stressed" which means their roots became weak.

"There’s die back coming from the top of the tree down, when they're starting to die back it's usually when they're most prone to falling over in a storm,” Blewett explained.

Water is good for trees, we know that. However, it can cause problems for the unhealthy ones.

"The ones that were structurally compromised are falling over but then we get back to a place where it's healthy growth for trees,” Blewett said.

If a tree near you does fall, Blewett said to call a professional to clean up the mess and have them look at others in the area that could be at risk.

Whenever there is a big storm, it's important to be aware of tree removal scams.

The Better Business Bureau says to do your homework and pay until the work is complete.