UPDATE: A series of storms and heavy rains challenged power companies over the past several days.

EPB says that nearly 13,900 customers experienced a power outage. Their Smart Grid automatically restored service to more than 19,200 customers on the fly, according to EPB's John Pless.

That resulted in a 58% reduction in customers that would have experienced some level of power outage, Pless said.

Of the 13,900 duration outages about 3,500 occurred on Saturday, about 4,100 occurred on Sunday and about 6,300 occurred on Monday.

 PREVIOUS STORY: Spotty outages in Hamilton County are still being reported on EPB's power outage map.

Nearly 800 EPB customers are without power as of about 8:00am Monday morning.

Over the last two days, EPB's Smart Grid has prevented outages or auto-restored power to about 10,100 customers. EPB will continue working until all customers have power.

North Georgia EMC currently reports just over 800 customers are without power Monday morning.

PREVIOUS  STORY: From EPB website (8:24 AM): Following storms that impacted the Chattanooga area Saturday evening, EPB is working as quickly as possible to restore power to about 480 customers who continue to experience outages due to damage to the system.

The Smart Grid prevented outages or auto-restored power to about 3,400 customers. EPB line crews worked through the night and early morning to restore about 1,720 households and will continue working until all customers have power.

Please check back for updates. You may also refer to the Outage Map or call EPB Customer Service, 423-648-1EPB (1372).

PREVIOUS STORY: Power outages are being reported throughout the Tennessee Valley.

EPB outages are affecting nearly 2200 households.

North Georgia E.M.C. has more than 200 households without power.

Volunteer Electric has more than 1,400 households without power, most of them are in Bradley County. 

And Cleveland Utilities has a small number of outages in the northwest part of the city. 

Crews are working to restore power as soon as possible. If you are experiencing a power outage contact your utility provider.