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South Pittsburg to host 21st National Cornbread Festival

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One of the tastiest traditions in the Tennessee Valley returned to South Pittsburg. This weekend marks the 21st Annual National Cornbread Festival.

Who doesn't love this southern staple? And this weekend is more than just an excuse to eat as many kinds of cornbread as you can, it's a way South Pittsburg helps keep their community running.

The cornbread festival is back and ready to satisfy your taste buds. “Cornbread alley. You go down, $5.00 a plate; we give you 9 samples of all different kind of cornbread. Then there is 8 free cornbread booths throughout the festival,” said President of the Festival Committee Beth Duggar.

Each year thousands pack the streets of South Pittsburg. More than 40 thousand festival goers travel to the area to get their hands on the tasty treats and much more. “Carnival, arts and crafts. 5k run, we have a fabulous quilt exhibits this year.”

The Hood family was busy setting things up for this weekend. They will sell hundreds of jars of family heirloom recipes; like chow chow, beets, and salsa from Tennessee.

“The people here are wonderful. But the cornbread smells wonderful. Everyone loves cornbread and beans. It is a great festival. The attendance is great, people are nice,” said Sandy Hood owner of Sannie Mae Heirloom Foods.

But if southern comfort food isn't your thing, there's much more you can try including Two Ladies Italiano Restaurant. “Authentic Greek and Italian food. Fajitas, gyro, kabobs. Rice salad, potatoes, sautéed veggies with lobster crab and shrimp,” said Ronnie Smith with the Knoxville based restaurant.

The city of South Pittsburg benefits from each and every bite. All profits earned are donated back to the community and the groups who help volunteer.

“Kids volunteer here a lot. If you been around they have done 99% of this stuff. Bunch of young kids are running back and forth makes you have a good heart. Grin and think boy oh boy all these kids, look what were going to do for them now.”

The festival runs all day Saturday and wraps up Sunday afternoon. Entry is $7.00.

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