All the recent rain helped wash the pollen out of the air, providing some relief for allergy sufferers.

But Dr Susan Raschal says the wet weather leads to other problems.

Dr. Susan Raschal says, "The big thing is going to be mold because we know moisture will increase that mold growth, lots of moisture will increase that mold growth, so that can be a problem."

Dr. Raschal says if you suffer from allergies and are seeing an uptick in symptoms, you may want to check your home for mold and water damage.

Dr. Raschal says dust mites are another problem, one patient Frances Balsis knows about firsthand. Add pollen to the mix, and Frances says she's been pretty miserable.

Frances Balsis says, "My eyes watered so bad and around the outer rims, very red eye, it's really bad and I noticed the nose running a lot."

Frances says this year has been really tough.

Frances says, "There are things I just don't do because I would rather be indoors because being outside it exacerbates this."

While tree pollen season is about to wrap up, the summer grass pollen season is right around the corner.

Dr. Raschal says while there are now tablets available to treat allergies, the shots are still the best form of treatment.