Neighbors in a Rossville community said scammers are hitting their neighborhoods. It's happening in the Sunrise Meadows development off Steele Road. Neighbors said two males and a female are going door to door trying to sell newspapers or offer other services. Then they force themselves into the homes.

Neighbors were reluctant to go on camera but they said suspects are going door to door trying to force entry or distract the homeowner while another suspect steals from the garage or yard. They then speed off in a dark colored van.

A neighbor thought it was unusual someone was ringing his doorbell late on a rainy Saturday night.

“7:58 p.m.; nobody in the right mind, at dark, will be knocking on your door. I had a black man, could have been a white man, black man, Asian, it didn't matter, I had a man knock on the door and ring the doorbell profusely,” said one neighbor.

The man was offering to do work for a cheap rate. The neighbor refused. But that didn't stop the suspect from trying harder.

“He was persistent. So, I said look, the best thing for you to do is go on and get out of here. Get down the road or there is a hole in the fence you can go there," the neighbor told Channel 3. "You need to leave right away.” 

He's not the only neighbor having issues. People pretending to be representatives with the Times Free Press are ringing doorbells around Sunrise Meadows. “They've been going around with their deckboards, pencils, and pens trying to, pretending, to try and sell news Free Press ads.”

A TFP spokesman said they are aware of the situation, and these people are not their contractors. He said if a representative comes to your door they will have three forms of ID, be wearing TFP clothing, along with a reflective vest.

Neighbors hope to see more officers patrolling the area, to keep the for sale signs away.

“It is a nice neighborhood but if we keep having attempted break-ins it’s not going to be because people are going to be moving away from here.”

Police said if someone is being overly aggressive, close the door and contact them.