Heavy rain and strong winds left 1,000 homes and businesses without power in Sale Creek Sunday morning. 

At the peak of the storm overnight,1,900 people lost power. 

EPB crews have been repairing downed power lines and clearing fallen trees from the roads since last 7 p.m. Saturday night. 

In a matter of seconds, a large tree hit the ground, blocking part of Providence Road. Claudette fields, who lives across the street, said it fell out of nowhere. 

"I was sitting inside with the dog, and I heard "kerplunk" and then I thought it was in my house. I looked and it was a big tree across the street [that] was down," said Fields. 

Fields said she's never seen anything like that since she moved to Sale Creek nine years ago. 

"I hope the trees in the back of my yard [don't] fall on top of my house, because you never know what's going to happen."

But that's exactly what Brooke Etherton came home to Sunday morning. She tells Channel 3, she's lucky she and her three kids were not at home. 

"We had just left just to go to the store and get a few things then came back and this happened," said Etherton. "If my truck would've been over there it would've been cream because that's where we usually park it."

A tree that stood in her backyard barely missed her trailer, but another tree crushed her barn, trapping her animals inside. Yet, Brooke said the damage doesn't compare to her neighbor's home, where a tree sliced a part of the roof open. 

"I feel sorry I mean it's a horrible thing its a costly and not everybody has money to fix everything," said Etherton. 

EPB officials explained trees throughout the Tennessee Valley are no match against the recent storms, because of last year's drought.

While they try to restore power and clear the roads, many are praying for relief.

If you see any downed trees or any trees leaning on or toward a power line in your neighborhood, call 423-648-1EPB (1372) or click here to report it.