The Chattanooga Mocs head into the Southern Conference golf tournament as the favorite for a reason. A large portion of that reason is leading scorer Wes Gosselin. Gosselin's story is an interesting one, because if not for a year away from golf, there's no telling if all this would be possible.

UTC Men's Golf Coach Mark Guhne said, "you can ask Wes about this too, he's asked me. Coach why did you recruit me in high school? I couldn't hit it anywhere. It didn't go anywhere. I said, you always won, I like winners."

Gosselin's winning at UTC would have to wait, severe tendinitis in both elbows sidelined him for his first 365 days on campus.

Gosselin said, "bviously I was pretty bummed, you work your whole life to play college golf and I couldn't play."

Gosselin's year long hiatus was a blessing in disguise. His elbow's healed and he focused on a stronger lower body which in turn cured his length issue. By cured, he went from no distance to nope not on your best day.

Coach Guhne said, "he's probably hitting it 50 or 60 yards farther than he was then. I'd like to take a year off and have that happen. Whatever happened to his elbows during that year was a good thing."

Wes spent the next three years pacing the Mocs golf team, in the off season he set a record while winning the Tennessee Amateur Championship.

Wes has one thing left to do before turning pro in June. He and the Mocs are chasing their first SoCon Tournament title since 2013. The year he was forced to sit out.

Gosselin said, "it would be awesome to win just for these guys. I know how hard we worked, how hard they worked, how hard coach worked. I mean it sucks, not being there since 2013."