Everybody's talking about low graduation rates and high unemployment rates, but who's taking action to turn those numbers around?

Thankfully, some inspiring young adults are fighting back with a program that encourages teens to graduate, and find work.

Howard students dress in their Sunday best, sitting face to face with leaders from Chattanooga's business community. These aren't real job interviews, but they're the next best thing.

For the past several weeks, professional mentors have coached seniors at Howard School on how to dress, how to fill out an application, and how to best communicate their goals when seeking a job.

A job interview can be one of the most intimidating situations a young person can face, unless you're prepared.

Donna Taheri leads the work-based learning program at Howard.  She sees the progress her students make, and the confidence they get from seven weeks of preparation.

Howard's mentoring sessions are part of the BelFlex Junior Mentoring program, originated in Tuscaloosa, Alabama two years ago.  The program expanded to Chattanooga this year, with local business and community leaders eager to share an important message.