It's an image that's stuck in my mind since the 60's; a sleepy George Jetson standing in front of the bathroom mirror as robotic arms swing in from the sides to brush his teeth.

How cool would that be?

We're not quite there yet, but Kolibree's new Ara toothbrush is inching us closer to a robotic morning routine.

The Ara looks like other electric toothbrushes but it has artificial intelligence built into it.

"You just connect it to the app, you can see all the areas you brushed well in white, and the spots you missed in yellow," says Kolibree spokesperson Leonie Williamson.

So it doesn't actually brush your teeth for you, it keeps you on the right track to make sure you're doing it correctly.

The Ara has built in 3-D sensors, a gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer. As you brush it somehow knows which tooth is which and whether you're spending as much time on it as you need.

"Most adults have a routine when they brush and they always forget to brush the same spots," Williamson explains but adds, it isn't just for adults. "It gives you the frequency and durations of all your brushing and we have games for kids, like the pirate game to motivate kids to brush better and longer."

Parents can check the app to see how their kids are brushing, how long they're brushing and how often they brush. No more fooling mom and dad by running the toothbrush under the faucet and pretending to brush.

The Kolibree Ara was released last month and is for sale for $129. It’s almost worthy of George Jetson.