A wall collapsed Thursday at Chattanooga Public Works in downtown after Thursday's storm. 

The wall was part of a garage that stored equipment behind a gated area at Public Works' location off E. 11th Street.

Public works administrator, Justin Holland, said six cars were damaged and towed away. Five of them belonged to employees. 

No one was hurt. 

"There's a shed and then this wall is the backside of that shed. The front of the shed is actually open air, so when the air got into that area it must've forced the wall over," said Holland. "The wall is freestanding. We think it had been there about 50 years, but we didn't realize it was a freestanding wall because there are some still structures there."

Holland said the wall was made of cinder block, but the majority of the facility is made of tin and chain link fence. He further explained there haven't been any inspections, because in this case a freestanding wall typically doesn't call for one, unlike the Cheeburger Cheeburger building that required inspection, and was given a correction notice to fix repairs. 

As the cleanup begins, Holland said they plan to use different materials to strengthen the facility and prevent another downfall.     

"We looked at the remaining portions of the wall, we've had our inspectors, we've had brick masonry's and an engineer take a look at the wall. We do have a couple of things that we're going to take care of and then we're going to tie the structure back in together and secure it," said Holland. 

Holland said the building should be repaired in a couple of days. The department is also working with the employees whose cars were damaged by the collapse.  

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