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Chris Blue: Prayer, family and faith help him succeed

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Knoxville singer Chris Blue says he counts on his faith and the support of family and friends to keep him going.

Blue, one of the 12 remaining contestants in this season's "The Voice," spoke Tuesday night to NBC in Los Angeles, a day after making the cut in the live playoff rounds. He's part of Team Alicia.

Family is very important to the Blues back home in Tennessee, he said.

"My brother is one of the spiritual leaders of my family, if not THE spiritual leader of my family," he said. "He’s an incredible human being and in moments like these, you have to go to that place of comfortable…that place of assurance."

He said he prays often.

Blue tried out last year for the show in Atlanta. He's progressed well since the season premier in March.

"When this journey all began, it started in Atlanta," he said. "I decided on the drive down from Knoxville, which is about 3 ½ to 4 hours,  I decided about halfway down that I was just going to turn the car around and not try out. I just didn’t believe in myself. I just didn’t have the faith. I had all fear and no faith.

"My fiancé talked me into going, and she said, ‘Just go.' The whole time I was standing in that ginormous line, I’m thinking to myself, ‘Well, we are here now. God it’s on you.’ And…we’re here now in the top 12! So, God…it’s on you.”

Blue will continue April 24 on "The Voice" with more live competition. On Monday night, the public voted for him to advance from 24 contestants to the final 12.

You can watch him on WBIR, Channel 10.

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