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Soddy Daisy home struck by lightning

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A Soddy Daisy family was at home Monday night when lightning struck, hitting their house. The family called 911 and fire crews were able to prevent a fire from sparking.

Mowbray Volunteer firefighters responded to the home on Montlake Road around just before 9 p.m. Officials estimate the damage to be around $5,000-7,000 dollars. 
"Parts of the sheetrock in the interior of the home had been exposed in an upstairs bedroom and you don't see that very often but lighting is very unpredictable you never know where it's going to strike and when it's going to strike," said Amy Maxwell,

The family was at home when the lightning strike crumbled sheetrock, luckily no one was hurt.

Amy Maxwell says when lightning strikes a surge of power has to find an exit route. In this case, the electrical wiring was fried. 

"In this kind of situation, since it hit the corner of the house it exposed the eaves but that travel of power had to have an exit route and that's how the sheet rock was exposed," said Maxwell. 

The strike could have sparked a large fire but fire crews got there in time. Maxwell says there's no real way to avoid a strike from hitting your home.  

"Unfortunately I have actually been on houses that have been struck by lightning that have actually had the lightning rods, so more or less there's really not a way of protecting, " said Maxwell. 

Maxwell says in lighting storms it's important to stay away from plumbing and electronics and that includes corded phones. 

"We've seen people struck by lightning from taking showers, people don't realize that water is a large conductor for electricity," said Maxwell. "You need to expect the unexpected especially with lightning you just don't know where it's going to strike, who its going to strike, or what kind of damage is going to happen." 

According to the National Weather Service, lightning often strikes the same place repeatedly,  especially if its a tall or isolated place. 
For example the Empire State Building is hit an average of 23 times each year. To learn more CLICK: HERE

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