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11-year-old boy marches across country for Diabetes cure

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When an 11-year-old Florida boy set out to cure diabetes, his family decided to sell their home and everything in it. Noah Barnes has type 1 diabetes and wants to make sure no child has to go through what he has. He's now marching across the country to raise awareness and money for a cure.

The Noah's March Foundation has raised $15,000 dollars so far. 

"I'm marching across America to cure diabetes," said 11-year-old Noah. 

Noah's family tells Channel 3 he diagnosed at just 16 months old.

"Forty years ago they said they were pretty close to a cure and then 40 years later..... we still don't have a cure, what the heck is going on," said Noah Barnes.

Noah got the idea after reading an article about a diabetes walk fundraiser online. He asked his dad, " How far do I need to walk so that I can be cured?" 

"I also did lots of research on the computer," said Noah Barnes. 

Robert Barnes wasn't sure about the journey in the beginning, but he came around to the idea when Noah started training.

"I said, you're 10 years old...hey, when you turn 18 years old you can do whatever you want, and then he kept persisting and it took him about a week to convince me," said Barnes. 

Now the whole family is marching. Monday marks their 107th day on the journey from Key West Florida to Washington.

"I think it's okay for sister, brother my John brother is a little jealous," said Noah Barnes. 

The three siblings have been on the road for three months. Noah's brother, 8-year-old John, says it hasn't been easy. 

"I think it's great," said 8 -year-old John Barnes. "I like the cold places better because I don't like sweating." 

Noah has worn through shoes on his road to finding a cure. It's a journey he hopes others will join.

 "This is actually my 3rd (pair of) shoes, the first one was actually (for) training, these ones are the second ones this march," said Noah Barnes. "I don't want to quit." 

Noah and his family will be coming through Chattanooga Tuesday afternoon, then they're headed to Nashville. They hope to be in Washington by November.Noah and his siblings are homeschooling, while on the road. To follow their journey and learn more about the organizations Noah is raising money for click here

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