UPDATE: Hundreds of people packed the Tivoli Theatre to support the newly elected city council members and mayor.

One by one council members were sworn in by Hamilton County judges. The afternoon wrapped up when Mayor Berke was sworn in for his second term. The 10 elected officials all agree they are excited for the next four years for the City of Chattanooga.

It's a new chapter in the Chattanooga history books. A new city council and the beginning of Mayor Andy Berke's second term in office. “When you start a new term, it is like turning over the sands of the clock and seeing it start again. I'm excited about what will happen in the next four years,” said Mayor Berke.

He's looking to unite Chattanooga and bring the city to the next level. He wants to focus on educating our youth and ending violence on the streets. “It is awfully hard for our officers to do something if people already have a gun in their hands and want to do harm. What we got to do , is put in the other pieces  as a community to get people on the right path.”

Mayor Berke will have a new city council working to help him accomplish his goals, including four new faces from district four, seven, eight and nine. “Loving all the energy and the positivity going on through this room. It's just amazing,” said Anthony Byrd. Anthony Byrd will represent District 8 for his first time serving in public office. “I can make change and I can give my community a lot of hope and self-worth that we all can do it. If we stay positive and prayed up, anything is possible.”

It will also be Demetrus Coonrod's first time serving on the council. She was surrounded by her biggest supporters as she was sworn in, ready to tackle Chattanooga’s biggest issues. “People to be engaged in what's going on and the process. And each person reach somebody else and cause a domino effect so we can positively change the environment in which people live in.”

A new council and mayor for the next four years, all looking to bring a positive change to a city we all call home. “Truly nervous, truly excited, just can't wait to serve the people,” said Byrd.

The council will get straight to work. The first city council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday. 

PREVIOUS STORY: Hundreds of people are expected to go to the Tivoli Theatre for the inauguration of Mayor Andy Berke and Chattanooga City Council members on Monday.

Mayor Andy Berke will be sworn in for his second term. Four new councilmembers will be sworn in along with the five members who were re-elected. 

The Inauguration is free and open to everyone.

Doors open to the public at 2:30 p.m. and the ceremony starts at 3 p.m.