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Easter at Coolidge Park attracts thousands

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This weekend's 9th annual Easter Egg Hunt in Coolidge Park was a big success with a record turnout, Sunday.  

The event was sponsored by Stuart Heights Baptist Church and Iglesia Bautista De Chattanooga. Organizers say it just wouldn't be possible without the help of their volunteers who plan for this all year long. 

"I think it's amazing, I love to come here every year," said Jer'maya Moore. 

Hundreds of kids lined up at their starting lines all ready to take off. 

"I shove it in my sleeves, shove it in my shorts, shove as many as I can into my basket," said 12-year-old, Austin. 

"They are eager to get to those eggs and they are not playing games," said parent Erika McCurdy. " They're pushing parents out of the way, so don't get in the way of them." 

The kids had their pick of more than 100,000 easter eggs this year, but they had to act fast. 

"If you pick and choose, the eggs with be gone," said 12-year-old Damian Estradad.  

 Kids tell Channel 3, it's all about the strategy. 

"Wear comfortable shoes," said Moore." 

"Just scream there are eggs over here and then run towards where there are actual eggs," said 12-year old Mary Solis.

"I'm very appreciative that they do this so the parents don't have to stress out about what they're going to do for Easter," said parent Erika McCurdy. "They have a good time and it's great." 

Families enjoyed worship music in the park before a community sermon honored the true meaning of Easter. 

"It's about the resurrection of Jesus Christ you know he came and he died for our sins and then he rose so that's what its all about," said event coordinator Nick Saynes.

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