If you're headed out on I-24 toward Nashville, you might see some smoke near the Nickajack Lake Bridge.

Tennessee Forestry officials report a 45 acre brush fire burning in Marion County. The fire is on Ladd's Mountain in the Haletown area. 

They tell Channel 3 the fire is 100 percent contained at 120 acres. However, 50 acres continues to burn within a controlled line. It's why smoke is still very visible from the interstate.

Because of its location, crews had a tough time getting to the fire Saturday night.

No homes were threatened.

The brush fire was caused by an unattended campfire. 

Eddie Turner, who camps with his family at Chester Frost Park at least eight times a year, said he learned a valuable lesson from last year's brush fires. It was an extremely dry and devastating time Turner remembers all too well.

"It was very smoky here I'd come out of the RV and you could smell like somebody's been burning something and it was kind of tough," said Turner. "We like to do a lot of cooking over the fire and we were unable to do that so it impacted us some." 

Turner said the set up at most state parks are secure when it comes to sparking a camp fire. At Chester Frost fire rings are surrounded by gravel to stop any flames from spreading.

But Turner said there's another way we can all prevent fires and loss.

"Only you can prevent forest fires and you know maybe just a little more education would help," Turner said. "A fire could get so bad that you could lose your home, and a lot of your property, and people's lives too."