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Church sponsors free gas event for hundreds

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Hundreds of drivers got free gas Saturday all thanks to an area church that's giving back this Easter weekend. 

"I was headed home and I was like what is really going on and then they was directing me saying free gas, oh, I was like oh okay cool," said one driver. 

Hundreds waited in line at the Sunset Market gas station off of Brainerd Road and the line was around the block. 

"Just a few minutes ago someone ran out of going in the line," said Pastor Richard Smith, Virtuous Church. 

The gift of free gas comes from Virtuous Church and it's volunteers.
"It's always good to get something for free but you know $10 dollars in gas, you can't beat that," said driver Brandon Lee. 

Pastor Richard Smith explains the church's donation, saying each car gets $10 dollars worth of free gas until the church reaches their $4,000 dollar goal. 

"A lot of people that's been on the line are very amazed that somebody is actually giving and that's just the message we want to give to everyone that people are supposed to give," said Pastor Smith. "We love humanity and that's what we want to do." 

Church members say it's more than just a tank of gas, it's about making connections too. 

"$10 of gas means the difference from them getting work, picking up kids from daycare or just going to hospital and getting there appointments taken care of," said Smith. 

Drivers say they appreciate the act of kindness. 

"Actually this is my husband's car,  so I'm blessing him for the weekend," said driver Vanessa Pope.

"I think it's awesome what this church is doing it's a blessing to everyone," said one driver. 

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