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Tires slashed in a Chattanooga neighborhood, again

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Vandals have been creeping through a Chattanooga neighborhood at night slashing tires.

It’s happening along South Greenwood Avenue and South Highland Park Avenue.

A viewer alerted Channel 3 to the latest incident which reportedly happened late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

The vandalism is keeping a nearby tire shop busy.

Mechanics at Economy Tires say this is at least the third time in six months someone has slashed tires in the neighborhood. They’re seeing the same customers coming in over and over again to buy new ones

“Half of the tires we are replacing are already new tires so people are spending double,” said Brian Fitzpatrick.

He said someone is using a small sharp object to puncture the tires and they can’t be repaired.

This is not the first time Channel 3 has reported tires slashed in the neighborhood.

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In February, at least 10 cars’ tires were damaged. People living in the area say they believe kids could be responsible for the vandalism.

The Chattanooga Police Department said a few of the victims filed reports in February and officers were investigating the incident. It’s unclear if any of the victims have notified police of this latest incident.

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