Students across Tennessee are getting ready for round two of TNReady testing.

TNReady is the test the state uses to measure academic achievement.

Last year, the rollout of the online exam in Tennessee was a failure because the servers crashed.

This year, many schools are going back to taking the test using paper and pencil.

Testing materials began arriving at schools across the state during the last couple of weeks.

Sweetwater Elementary School received its supplies last week.

“There is a bit of relief from the testing that happened last year to actually get them in our hands so we can see them and know that they’re here and we’re going to be able to facilitate our testing in the best way that we can and we are ready for our kids,” said Principal Brandi Smith.

Administrators at the school have spent this week working to label and prepare documents for testing and they say that’s being done in a secure room at the school.

TNReady testing begins next week and continues through the first week of May.

Channel 3 also reached out to the Hamilton County School District and a spokesperson said the district has all of the needed supplies to start testing as well.