An Ooltewah High School student was arrested Thursday morning for having drugs and weapons on campus.

According to the arrest report, the school resource officer noticed the smell of marijuana coming from a car parked on campus.

The car belonged to 19-year-old Gregory Kendricks, a student of Ooltewah High. 

While searching the vehicle, the officer found about 65 grams of marijuana, blunts and roaches as well as a pocket knife and steak knife. The report says a 2-foot pole with a homemade handle was also found in the car along with more than $5,300 in cash.

Kendricks denied selling marijuana and told the officer he earned the money from doing side-work as a barber. According to the report, Kendricks said the pole and knives were for protection. 

Kendricks is charged with carrying weapons on school property, drug free school zone, possession of marijuana for resale, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Hamilton County Department of Education spokeswoman Amy Katcher told Channel 3, the student was expelled from school.

Kendricks' bond was set at $15,000.

He's due in court on April 27.

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